Caldwell County High School to Get New Security System

The Caldwell County High School will be getting new security cameras following action taken by the Board of Education.

Superintendent Nate Huggins brought the issue to the Board at a meeting Monday night held in the elementary school library. He announced that AAA had proposed the lowest bid for a new security system that includes 25 interior cameras and 5 exterior cameras for a total of $14,115. Superintendent Huggins stated that several of the cameras currently at the high school were malfunctioning and parts are no longer available to update them. His suggestion was to award the low bid to AAA for a new security system because keeping all students and staff is of the upmost importance.

High School Principal Christy Phelps added that she would like to see better coverage in a few areas, mostly in the gym and front exterior of the school, and suggested that at a point in the future the purchase of two more cameras should be made. Director of Facilities Sam Haulk stated that the system proposed by AAA could hold up to 32 cameras before the need to tether in another system.

Board Member Bill Clift suggested that the Board go ahead and purchase the two extra cameras now instead of waiting until a later date. After a motion and a second the Board unanimously approved awarding the lower bid for security cameras to AAA with the addition of two cameras.

Haulk noted that he would work with AAA to have the new security system either installed during Spring Break or as soon as summer break starts.