Bevin Calls Special Session To Pass Pension Bill

The Kentucky General Assembly will be heading back to Frankfort for a special session beginning Friday morning to pass the quasi-agency and university pension relief bill. Governor Matt Bevin made the announcement Monday morning that the special session would begin at 8:00.

Since the conclusion of the 2019 Regular Session, Governor Bevin and his team have worked closely with state legislators preparing for a special session to save Kentucky’s quasi-agencies, including regional universities, health departments, domestic violence centers, and community health centers, from the financial stress caused by the state’s looming public pension crisis.

Two and one-half months ago, officials say Bevin publicly introduced a proposal to provide immediate fiscal relief to the state’s quasi-agencies and provide long-term options that will offer these organizations the ability to continue to operate and save critical community services. The bill has been thoroughly vetted and improved with input from legislators.

Officials indicate a proclamation will be issued later this week.