Work Ready Status Important for Whole Region

Local economic development organizations are reminding the community of the importance of the Work Ready Program in helping bring employment opportunities to an area.

Executive Director of the Lake Barkley Partnership for Economic Development, Amanda Davenport, says the site selection process for most industries and companies looking to move to a certain area is a process of elimination.

She adds that the Work Ready Program is a way to help the community stand out.

Davenport notes that a community’s Work Ready status reaches farther than just that community.

She expresses that while Caldwell and Crittenden counties are certified Work Ready, Lyon County is just now starting the process. Several community and business leaders in Lyon County met Wednesday morning and learned more about the Work Ready Program from state officials and Davenport’s hope is that Lyon County will continue the process and become certified.

More information about the Lake Barkley Partnership for Economic Development and the Work Ready Program can be found online at