Changes to Upcoming Court Docket in Caldwell County

Caldwell County Circuit Court Clerk Danny Hooks has announced that the Criminal Motion and Rule docket call for April 7th will only be for those currently jailed.

According to a release Clerk Hooks stated that the criminal docket will be limited to arraignments, probation violation hearings, bond violation hearings, and sentencings for those who remain in custody. He added that the Court would use available telephonic and video technology for these matters.

In the release Clerk Hooks noted that all other cases on the docket for April 7th would have no formal on-the-record action taken, however, counsel for any defendant on the docket may be present in court, maintaining the appropriate social distancing, in order to meet with the Commonwealth’s Attorney for an informal conference about the case. Rescheduling the next pretrial conference and any other arrangements made for communication between the attorneys and Commonwealth’s Attorney can also be performed during this time.

Clerk Hooks also announced that the Family/Child Support Motion and Rule Docket call for April 3rd at 1PM is continued until May 1st, at 1PM, however, the County Attorney may tender orders scheduling child support cases for an alternative first Friday date.

The release also stated that adoption hearings currently scheduled for 8:30AM and 8:45AM April 7th are a “necessary hearing” and will be held as scheduled while all motions currently on the 9AM docket are continued until May 5th at 9AM.

For more information you can contact Caldwell County Circuit Court Clerk Danny Hook’s office at 270-365-6884.