Caldwell Issues Stricter Social Distancing Guidelines at Essential Retail Businesses

Caldwell County Judge/Executive Larry Curling has announced an executive order concerning stricter social distancing at essential retail stores within the county to better protect the public and community.

Judge Curling states that because there have been past instances where consumer behavior has created situations where appropriate social distancing has not be maintained limitations have been put in place until further notice. He adds that only one adult member per household will now be allowed to shop at one time. However, single parents will be able to bring their young children with them if absolutely necessary, so long as they stay within the immediate area of their parent.

Judge Curling notes that unaccompanied minors, those under 18 years of age, will be prohibited to enter stores that are still open to in-person traffic.

The executive order also stresses the importance of maintaining social distancing guidelines, including staying at least six feet from another person at all times, and is asking all residents to please complete their shopping as quickly as practical.

For more information you can contact Caldwell County Judge/Executive Larry Curling’s office at 270-365-6660.

You can read the full executive order below.