Essential Retail Businesses Continuing Specialized Shopping Hours for At-Risk Customers

Several local essential retail businesses are continuing to offer specialized shopping hours for senior citizens and those who may be more susceptible to novel coronavirus (COVID-19).

Food Giant on East Legion Drive is encouraging seniors to shop daily from 7 until 8AM while Dollar General locations in the area are offering the same service from 8 until 9AM throughout the week. Every Tuesday from 6 until 7AM seniors, as well as those most at-risk from COVID-19, can shop at Walmart in Princeton, or they can shop at CVS on West Main Street every Wednesday from 9 until 10AM.

Supervisors at each business state that senior shopping hours were implemented to help protect those most vulnerable within the community and add that seniors can still shop with confidence during this time.

All stores are wanting to continue to provide at-risk customers with the ability to purchase the items they need at the beginning of the day to avoid busier and more crowded shopping periods.