Lake Barkley Partnership Attempting to Keep Local Economic Impact of COVID-19 Low

The Lake Barkley Partnership for Economic Development is working to make sure the economic impact of the coronavirus (COVID-19) outbreak is as small as possible for the local area.

Executive Director Amanda Davenport says that she’s been in constant contact with business owners as they attempt to navigate the uncertainty the current situation produces.

She adds that she’s consistently monitoring both the supplier and consumer side of the economic landscape throughout the entire nation.

Davenport notes that the Partnership is also looking toward the future so that local businesses, whether small businesses or manufacturers, will have a plan to respond and get things back up and running.

She states that her main objective right now is to connect those who are needing work with those employers who are still hiring.

Davenport explains that there are also resources for business owners concerning COVID-19 information and state and national programs on their website.

For more information about the Lake Barkley Partnership for Economic Development you can click here.