Western State, Green River Complex Hit Hard by COVID-19

Governor Andy Beshear said two state-run facilities in Western Kentucky have been hit hard by the COVID-19 virus that has seen both its residents and employees test positive.

At his daily briefing Monday, the governor said nine residents and three employees at Western State Hospital in Hopkinsville have tested positive for the virus.

right-click to download mp3Gov. Beshear said Western State will no longer accept admissions until further notice.

He also said three inmates and four employees of the Green River Correctional Complex in Central City have tested positive for COVID-19. Governor Beshear said an executive order issued last week that would release 186 non-violent offenders from statewide incarceration is still being processed. He said they must pass a health screening before being released.

The governor said he spoke with chambers of commerce statewide Monday to assess their needs on obtaining personal protective equipment and said they are having trouble getting what they need from the federal government. He is asking for people to donate items such as N95 and surgical masks, disposable gowns, gloves, and face shields to the frontline people that need them.

right-click to download mp3He said people can donate money or resources by calling 1-833-GIVE-PPE.

One thing the governor is going to donate are the resources of Kentucky’s state parks. He said a program will be started that will allow quarantined first responders to stay in state park cabins so they won’t spread the virus to their families.

right-click to download mp3The governor said there were 54 new COVID-19 cases in Kentucky bringing the total to 1,008. There were 14 new deaths, bringing the total to 59. He said there are 70 residents currently hospitalized with the virus but says social distancing guidelines appear to be working.

right-click to download mp3Governor Beshear warned against people thinking the worst has passed, especially with Easter weekend approaching. When asked about small family gatherings for the holiday. the governor repeated his daily warning.

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Monday was the one month mark since the first COVID-19 case was reported in Kentucky.