Over Forty Streets Paved, Crews To Return Next Week

Over forty streets have now been paved in Princeton and city officials say things are on track for the massive paving project to be completed by the end of summer.

Mayor Kota Young says eight streets were paved Monday including Masonic, Lakeshore, and Brennan drives and Morris, North Highland, and Stevens avenues, as well as Cooper and Baker streets. He adds crews will not continue paving until next week on a date still to be announced and notes there are only 33 streets left to be paved this year.

The massive paving project aims to pave 78 city streets and has been made possible due to lower material cost spurred by the coronavirus pandemic and an already considerable budget allocation.

For more information about the paving project you can contact Princeton City Hall at 270-365-9575.

A full list of streets to be paved is below.