PEPB Encouraging Customers Behind on Bill to Seek Payment Options

The Princeton Electric Plant Board (PEPB) is reminding customers there are payment arrangements available for those facing financial uncertainty due to the ongoing coronavirus pandemic.

In a post on social media officials said PEPB has not been disconnecting electric services for non-payment since March 2020 due to the pandemic and while some utilities will begin disconnecting for non-payment effective October 20th, PEPB will not begin disconnecting at this time. They add while they are not starting at that date, their date for disconnection is drawing near.

Due to the disconnection date drawing near officials explain customers who are behind on their electric bill can contact a customer representative about payment arrangements so service is not interrupted. They note customer representatives have attempted to contact each customer individually, however, several customers have either not provided phone numbers or have not returned the calls.

All customers experiencing financial hardship due to the pandemic, or who may be behind on their bills, are being encouraged to contact Princeton Electric Plant Board at 270-365-2031.