Wildlife Expert Discusses Deer Patterns

Modern gun deer season is underway in Kentucky as deer are on the move this time of year during mating season.

Keith Syers, who was on the last season of the History Channel’s ‘Alone’ said deer are definitely out looking for doe and appear to be more nocturnal this year.

click to download audioHe also discussed deer being more attracted to food plots versus grain or mineral feed.

click to download audioSyers believes the attraction to the food plots is because it’s fresh.

click to download audioRight now, he says it appears locally the big trophy bucks are around creeks and riverbeds.

click to download audioSyers and his wife, Jen own a 40-acre homestead and operate Ramshackle Homestead Survival. For more information about gardening, homesteading, and survival, visit their Facebook page Ramshackle Homestead with Keith and Jen or go to their website at ramshacklehomesteadsurvival.com.