Breathitt Veterinary Center Earns Level One Certification

The Murray State University Breathitt Veterinary Center is now designated a level one facility through the USDA National Animal Health Laboratory System.

Director Dr. Debbie Reed says the ranking places the Breathitt Veterinary Center in an elite group of diagnostic laboratories across the country.

click to download audioOf the 60 diagnostic laboratories across the United States, only 23 are certified level one. Dr. Reed says that has a couple of important meanings for the lab and the staff.

click to download audioShe adds the facility would now be part of a critical line of defense against some major diseases that could impact the food supply.

click to download audioDr. Reed adds she is extremely proud of the national recognition.

click to download audioBreathitt Veterinary Center has been designated a level 2 lab in the National Animal Health Laboratory Network since 2005.