Caldwell County Retired Teachers Association Recognized

The Caldwell County Retired Teachers Association (CCRTA) was recently recognized with two awards at the Kentucky Retired Teachers Association Convention (KRTA).

Melissa Webb Earnest says she and Connie Large, Susan Meadows, and Ginnie Oldham attended a virtual state convention in April and the CCRTA was recognized with a Gold Award, which is given to an association that obtains and achieves 425 points. She says these points are awarded for areas such as membership increases, the number of meetings held and required topics, honoring new retirees, participating in the state convention, contacting legislators, contributing to the local community, and more.

According to Earnest, the second recognition for CCRTA was the Yes, We Did! Award that is given to those local associations that reach the membership goal set by the Kentucky Retired Teachers Association membership committee. In May, she says members met with KRTA president Sue Ellen Caldwell who brought news from the legislative front as well as state information for the coming year.

Earnest says the CCRTA remained an active group through the COVID-19 pandemic by hosting virtual meetings via Zoom. She adds they returned to in-person meetings in March with local government officials in attendance, along with Peyton Simmons and her grandmother, Zina Lewis, who was the subject of the 2020 winning grandparent essay contest.

Earnest says any retired teacher who lives in Caldwell County or taught in the Caldwell County school system is eligible to become a CCRTA member. She says local dues are only $15 per year and are payable at the July 16th meeting which is currently being planned. She notes KRTA dues are only $20 per year and payable automatically from the November pension pay.