Princeton Fire Chief Discusses Kitchen Fire Prevention

The National Fire Protection Association estimates over 170,000 home structure fires in America each year are started by cooking activities. The fires cause an average of 550 deaths and 4,800 injuries each year.

Stoves and ranges account for the origin of 61-percent of household fires. If a fire begins on the stove or oven, Princeton Police Chief Brent Francis says turning off the stove and putting a lid on the fire should be the first course of action.

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Francis says a water-based fire extinguisher should never be used to fight a grease fire in the kitchen.

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Francis says not knowing what do to or panicking at the start can make things worse.

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Dousing the grease fire with baking soda can also smother the flames and keep the fire from spreading. Francis says if you are unable to put out a kitchen fire, get out of the house and call 9-1-1 and never go back into a burning home or building.

Francis made his comments as part of National Fire Safety and Prevention Month.