Fredonia Valley Veteran’s Memorial Dedication Ceremony Set

Photo Credit: Presley Lamm

A dedication ceremony for the new Fredonia Valley Veteran’s Memorial will be held later this month.

Brother Presley Lamm with Fredonia First Baptist Church says the Fredonia Valley Heritage Society and American Legion are sponsors of the Veteran’s Memorial. He adds it’s been amazing to watch the evolution of the Veteran’s Memorial as it comes together.

click to download audioBro. Lamm says he is thrilled with the first phase of the Veteran’s Memorial in Fredonia and they hope to add to the site in the future.

click to download audioHe notes they have sold hundreds of memorial bricks that will still be available after the dedication ceremony.

click to download audioBro. Lamm says they wanted the Veteran’s Memorial to be a special place.

click to download audioHe adds that it’s important to remember the sacrifice of our veterans.

click to download audioHe says the dedication ceremony will be held at 1:00 on Memorial Day, May 30th.

click to download audioBro. Lamm says they may shut down the main road through Fredonia for the dedication ceremony and have people park at Fredonia First Baptist Church and Fredonia Cumberland Presbyterian Church to be shuttled to the site, if necessary.