New Stills Taking Casey Jones Distillery To The Next Level

Two new stills that officially ran for the first time Saturday, March 24, are taking Casey Jones Distillery in Hopkinsville to a new level in the craft distillery industry.

Arlon Casey “AJ” Jones, his wife Peg, partner Cody Turner, Master Distiller Adam Shake, and Peg and AJ’s grandson DaQuane Day were all smiles Saturday when as the two stills produced their first runs of moonshine and bourbon Saturday at Casey Jones. AJ says it was exciting to see the stills run after a year-long expansion.

click to download audioMaster Distiller Adam Shake says it was a special day in his book.

click to download audioCody Turner, who joined the Casey Jones Distillery team as a partner during the pandemic, says working with Peg and AJ to take the business to the next level has been a great experience.

click to download audioPeg Hayes says the credit goes to all the staff who work each day at Casey Jones.

click to download audioPeg and AJ’s grandson DaQuane Day will become a fifth-generation distiller and says it is exciting to follow in the family’s footsteps in the distilling industry.

click to download audioA steady stream of visitors made their way through the new distillery Saturday, with AJ signing bottles of the first run of moonshine off the Grandfather Still. Visitors also had a chance to help fill the first barrel of bourbon that will begin aging in the newly constructed rickhouse that was part of the more than two million dollar expansion.

Photos by Susan Watts


First Run For New Stills At Casey Jones