Four American Red Wolves At LBL Transferred To Other Breeding Facilities

Officials with the Woodlands Nature Station have announced that their 18-month old American Red Wolves born in April of 2022 have all been successfully transferred from the facility in Land Between the Lakes National Recreation Area to other Red Wolf breeding facilities.

According to officials, Trace, Piney, Ginger, and Sugar, who were born to Ember and Jasper, are Red Wolves that are considered critically endangered and a part of the Red Wolf SAFE program, which aims to protect and preserve their species. This program operates through a captive breeding initiative, spanning 50 zoos and nature centers nationwide.

At the recommendation of the Red Wolf SAFE program, the Woodlands Nature Station transferred all four of these wolves to new facilities. Officials indicate that Ginger traveled to the Wolf Conservation Center in Salem, New York; Sugar traveled to Point Defiance Zoo and Aquarium in Tacoma, Washington; and Trace and Piney traveled together to Homosassa Springs Wildlife State Park in Homosassa, Florida. Officials say they all arrived safely and have been doing well as they settle into their new spaces.

Staff at the Woodlands Nature Station say transferring their Red Wolf pups has been emotional for them, volunteers, and visitors, as they care for them deeply and have loved watching them grow up at the LBL facility. Officials say now that Trace, Piney, Ginger, and Sugar have moved, they are excited to track their progress and are hopeful that they will soon be able to have pups of their own, continuing the conservation of this incredible species.

Furthermore, Woodlands Nature Station officials provided an update on their mom Ember, who they say has been doing well since her pups were transferred. Because Red Wolves are social animals, the Woodland Nature Station will be receiving a companion wolf for Ember this winter, who they expect to be one of her littermates.

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