CCPS Technology Director Highlights Annual Cybersecurity Review

In today’s tech-driven world, cybersecurity is crucial to safeguard sensitive information from cyberattacks targeting individuals, financial institutions, businesses, and even schools.

Ryan Westlie, the technology director at Caldwell County Public Schools, recently briefed school board members on the district’s cybersecurity measures.

Annually, he mentioned that the state and district require a review of the cybersecurity awareness program policies and practices they follow.

click to download audioHe outlined a three-tier breakdown of the district’s cybersecurity measures. The initial level of defense focuses on the users.

click to download audioWestlie also mentioned that the district has implemented a 15-character password requirement, in addition to providing training for users on safe practices.

click to download audioWestlie elaborated that at the network level, the district utilizes an EPO and a group policy

click to download audioAs part of the group policy, he pointed out that the district initially tests all machines in a laboratory.

click to download audioFurthermore, he mentioned that they removed the administration rights that were previously present on the computers.

click to download audioWestlie shared that the third level of cybersecurity protection is a firewall controlled at the state level, rather than the local school district. He stated that he will be teaming up with the Cybersecurity Infrastructure Security Agency, an arm of Homeland Security, to explore the possibility of the district having its own network and conducting penetration testing to safeguard any access to district resources.

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