Fredonia First Baptist Church Presents Forgiveness House on Stage

Forgiveness House on Stage was presented last week leading up to Easter by Fredonia First Baptist Church.

The drama and musical program was presented 5 times during the week by the members of Fredonia First Baptist with the assistance of the Fredonia Cumberland Presbyterian Church members. Throughout the week over 1000 people attended the drama presented in the former Fredonia school gym now owned by the church and named “The Hive”. Pastor Presley Lamm is grateful to be able to present the story of Jesus and for all the church members involved in the presentation.

click to download audioLamm shared it was like a revival for the church members involved in the program.

click to download audioMatt Fraliex has been playing the role of Jesus for the past 20 years.

click to download audioFraliex realizes how special it is to play the role of Jesus and knows when you strive to serve God like this it opens your life up to trials.

click to download audioHe also has to fight spiritual battles when preparing for the role.

click to download audioOver the years Fraliex has learned to deal with the physical challenges involved in the presentation of the drama.

click to download audioWhen it comes to the crucifixion scenes Fraliex shared they are very draining both physically and emotionally.

click to download audioFraliex added even with everything involved in portraying the role of Jesus he is truly blessed each year by being a part of Forgiveness House.

2024 Forgiveness House on Stage

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