Interview Video

4-15-20 Coffee Talk

Kids Pledge (If your child wants to participate leave their pledge on our answering machine at 270-963-9155) Caldwell Extension Office –Joni Phelps...Read More

4-14-20 Coffee Talk

What about 2020 Caldwell Co Graduation and Prom? Answers and Announcements –Caldwell Co School Superintendent Nate Huggins Spring Time is Here and so is the yard work! The Spring yard Checklist is here! –Josh CookWhat about 2020...Read More

4-13-20 Coffee Talk

Trimble Farms –Ben and Lisa Trimble How to talk to our kids about current events –Dan Jones-The Wellness Group #supportlocal Business Spotlight –Molly Egbert-Tin Roof...Read More

4-10-20 Coffee Talk

Land Between the Lakes –Chris Joyner-Public Affairs Officer [Special Guest Chris Joyner will get us up to date on LBL Closures and Rules to “Play” by, changes and new regulations for the 2020 Spring Turkey Season and...Read More

4-08-20 Coffee Talk

Kids Pledge of Allegiance Caldwell Co Extension Office –Shane Bogel “Weathering the Storm” (a local story of perseverance and Faith) #SUPPORTlocal –Jim King-Pro Collision “Neighbors helping Neighbors”(How Caldwell Co kids are getting a little help with their...Read More

4-07-20 Coffee Talk

WPKY’s #SUPPORTlocal local Spotlight– Precision Pro Wash –Brian Richardson Lyon Co Judge Exec Wade White Barb Wire Artist and Motivational Speaker and Artist –Sean...Read More

4-06-20 Coffee Talk

Caldwell Co Procedure Update –Caldwell Co Judge Magistrate Larry Curling –Caldwell Co Magistrate District 4 Jeff Simms (WCA) Pro Collision and its Caldwell County Hometown 35 year history –Jim King- Owner...Read More